It's never an ideal situation when your car breaks down. You can typically expect expensive repairs, shattered plans, crazy logistics, and no shortage of embarrassment. Besides that, breakdowns can leave you stranded in a precarious and potentially dangerous position. Breakdowns happen for a variety of reasons from serious issues like a failing transmission to simple ones like running out of gas.

Hopefully, you never experience a breakdown. But if you do, your story surely won't be as crazy as some of the worst breakdowns of all time.

The Failed Cross-Country Trip in an Antique VW Beetle

Owning a vintage Volkswagen Beetle is challenging enough without taking it across the country. One owner decided to attempt such a journey with his 1974 Beetle and promptly broke down three times in the first 60 miles. The first breakdown occurred when the brakes seized on the way to an auto parts store. The second was the result of overheating as the car’s cooling fan caught a bundle of wires and shredded them to bits. And the third happened when the bolts holding the driver’s side front caliper let go. Talk about bad luck.

A Trans Am, GTO, and a Storm

Another story comes from an owner who was driving his 1977 Trans Am with his wife and daughter at night during a rainstorm. Suddenly, the Trans Am died. With no way to move it, he sprinted to his nearby house to get his 1967 Pontiac GTO and push the Trans Am home. The second breakdown occurred soon after when the owner's wife was left stranded as aged plugs to the distributor cap fell off. Then, during the torrential rainstorm, the GTO's shift linkage snapped, causing the owner to crawl under the car in inches-deep water to fix it.

Two Chevrolet Bel Airs and a Wedding Reception

A husband and wife team with a pair of custom Chevrolet Bel Airs drove from Maryland to Chicago for their wedding reception. On the way, they encountered a comically-long list of car troubles: wheel studs sheering off, closed repair stores, broken shift levers, tow trucks, electrical problems, forgotten spare parts, a wife who was pregnant, and a missed birthday. They still managed to get home 15 minutes before the first guests arrived at their reception!

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