Does An Extended Auto Warranty Cover Overheating?

When you are choosing an extended auto warranty program is important to look through the various exclusions of the policy you are purchasing. Most reputable auto warranty providers make their inclusions and exclusions clear and concise and have no mixed wording to confuse a repair shop or customer. However, some of the shadier companies out there, typically without a direct underwriter to get out of many different claim situations.

Overheating is a good example of this. Some companies will exclude any repair, even if it has nothing to do with the vehicle overheating if there is any sign that an overheat has occurred. More reputable providers will cover the failure of any covered part as long as owner negligence did not close the failure. Owner negligence in reference to a vehicle that is overheated would be if a driver would continue to operate the vehicle even after the gauges or warning lights have come on. This would obviously cause additional damage to the vehicle from continued operation after the overheat and would not be covered by any warranty program. So in conclusion, it is not overheating that is not covered by a quality auto warranty program, it is the damage caused to the vehicle by the continued operation after the vehicle has overheated.

To be sure you get one of the highest quality auto warranty is available you can request a quote from Auto Advantage or other A+ rated and BBB accredited warranty companies.


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